Works for solo, duo, trio, quartet, chambermusic, harmony/fanfare orchestra, windensemble, choir, string orchestra, symphony orchestra, mandoline orchestra, musictheatre

All compositions are published by and available at Donemus: unless mentioned otherwise or online:


1975 Mini-muziek 2 en 3 for accordion(s), 2 for solo or 3 acc., 3 for solo 9′
1986 Tout à coupe mondiale for accordion 9′
1987 Music for solo-bassoon 6′
1988 U wordt gebeld (You will be called) for accordion and telephone 12′
2002 Églogue for oboe-solo (publisher Billaudot, Paris, France) 4′
2010 Five Fragments for solo soprano-saxophone 8′


1990 Triptych for solo-bassoon and percussion 10′
1994 Victory of the dead point for saxophones (1 player) and tuba 17′
1997 FBI for 2 bassoons (For Bassoon International) 15′
2001 Air for baseclarinet and organ 6′
2003 Trois Poèmes de Femmes for soprano and flute 10′
2007 Susandre for oboe and baritonsaxophone 8′


1990 Le Cheval (The Horse) for mezzo-soprano, accordion and violoncello (text Jacques Prévert) 15′
2000 Trio à Cordes for stringtrio 11′
2003 Pas de Trois for sprano-saxophone (or bes-clarinet),tenorsaxophone (or baseclarinet or bassoon) and piano 10′


1981 Les Deux for clarinet quartet 13′
2008 Go Down for saxophone quartet 9′


1961 Suite Festivo for schoolorchestra, 3 recorders and strings (publisher Harmonia, Hilversum) 8′
1976 Trip for accordion, 2 melody-instruments and small percussion (played by all 3) 8′
1996 Concertino for oboe and accordion quintet 12′
1996 Deirdre en de zonen van Usnach (Deirdre and the sons of Usnach) Cantata theatrical for soprano/alto/tenor/bariton, narrator, 2 harps, percussion and ensemble (text A.Roland Holst) 60′
1996 Medieval Dances for accordion quintet 11′
1997 Motion for windensemble (8 players), doubble base and percussion (1 player) 6′
2003 Trois Sonnets for soprano and string trio 10′
2004 Requiem for soprano and 8 violoncelli (text Jean Pierre Simeon) 16′
2005 Divertimento for viola and recorder quartet 18′
2009 Cantus Firmus II for alto-oboe and 4 saxophones 13′
2010 A4 for accordion and string quartet 15′
2011 Quatre chansons médiévale & François Villon for tenor, saxophone quartet and percussion (1 player) 6′ and 15′


for windorchestra:

1984 Concert for violin, viola and wind orchestra 16′
1988 La Messe (The Mass) for mezzo-soprano, accordion, violoncello and wind orchestra (text Paul Verlaine) 21′
1990 Concerto for large windorchestra 22′
1990 Concertino for sopranosaxophone and wind orchestra (published by Molenaar) 15′
1992 Concert for trumpet, piccolotrumpet, flügelhorn (1 player) and wind orchestra 9′
1993 From Turkey, 5 songs for soprano and small windorchestra 12′
1994 Requiem van het volk (Peoples Requiem) for 3 female voices, male choir, accordion and wind orchestra 30′
1996 Music for a medieval K(night) for windorchstra (published by Bronsheim) 12′
1998 Concerto for violoncello and wind orchestra 16′
2002 Pastorale for violin and wind orchestra 14′
2002 The Mass voor male choir and windorchestra (published by Bronsheim) 25′
2003 Song of the Skyloom for narrator, mixed choir and windorchestra (texts by Native Americans) 35′
2003 Ah comme on aime for solo soprano/tenor, womens choir, wind orchestra and string orchestra 25′
2004 Boulevard des Misères for 2 narrators, solo tenor/bariton/bas, female choir and wind orchestra 60′
2006 Molto Ostinato for wind orchestra 7′
2006 Let’s go for saxophone ensemble and wind orchestra (published by Bronsheim) 12′
2007 Moving for clarinet quartet and wind orchestra 16′
2007 Concerto for bariton-saxophone and wind orchestra 17′
2007 Soundscape I for wind orchestra (9 or more) 4′
2008 Mini-concours Musictheatre for mezzo-soprano, bariton and wind orchestra (published by Bronsheim) 25′
2008 Four Mouvements for saxophone quartet and wind orchestra 15′
2010 Estampie 3. (Medieval dancemelodies) for large windorchestra 11′
2010 In Connection With for flute, piccolo (1 player) and windorchestra 12′

for fanfareorchestra: (brassi nstruments and percussion)

1991 4 Turkish Folksongs for soprano and fanfare orchestra (published by Bronsheim) 11′
1991 Grenzeloos (Boundless) for soprano and fanfare orchestra (fragments of texts from the Koran and the Bible) 9′
1995 Concerto Medievale for brassquintet and fanfare orchestra 12′
1995 Poème de l’ Automne (Autumn poem) for flute and fanfare orchestra 10′
1998 Concerto da Caccia (about hunting) for 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 hrns, 2 bsns and fanfare orchestra (quotation of R.Strauss’ Alpensymphony and a song from the Lakota native Americans 17′
2000 A vous bel ami for mezzo-soprano, viola, harp and fanfare orchestra 13′
2001 Wals (Walz) for violoncello and fanfare orchestra (published by Bronsheim) 12′
2004 Estampie 2. (Medieval dance melodies) for fanfare orchestra 11′
2008 Concerto for fanfare orchestra (published by Bronsheim)
2008 Alla Marcia for fanfare orchestra 3′
2008 Soundscape II for fanfare orchestra 6′
2008 Kontrasten for fanfare orchestra 11′
2010 Petit Symphonie for saxophone quartet and fanfare orchestra 12′
2011 Intrada for fanfareorchestra 2’30

for windensemble:

1975 Konsertante muziek for viola, percussion and wind ensemble 15′
1978 Estampie 1. (revision 1992) (Medieval dance melodies) for wind ensemble (14 players) 11′
1981 Cantus Firmus for talking/playing wind ensemble, percussion and audience 11′
1988 Divertimento ostinato for wind ensemble, strings, harp and percussion 24′
1992 Concerto for bassoon and windensemble (14 players) 13′
1997 Motion for wind ensemble (8 players), double base and percussion (1 player) 10′
1998 Pour un tombeau d’ Anatole for mezzo-soprano and wind ensemble (text Stéphane Mallarmé) 17′
1998 Game/Jeu for wind ensemble 10′
2006 Around Five for brassquintet and 5 groups of wind players 17′
2006 Romance for violin and wind ensemble (published by Bronsheim) 12′
2010 Suite for viola and double wind quintet 18′
2011 Out of Europe 5 songs for soprano and brass quintet (available from sept. 2012) 25′
2011 Dialogue for altosaxophone and double wind quintet (available from july 2012) 13′


2001 Trio à Cordes (Stringtrio) for string trio 11′
2003 Trois Sonnets for soprano and string trio 14′
2004 Pas de Deux for 2 violins and string orchestra 12′
2005 Divertimento for viola and recorder quartet
2007 Requiem for soprano and cello-octet (text Jean Pierre Simeon) 16′
2010 Requiem for soprano and string orchestra (text Jean Pierre Simeon) 16′
2010 A4 for accordeon and string quartet
2011 Five Miniatures for 2 mandolines and string orchestra (available from may 2012) 17′
2012 Trinitas for stringorchestra (available from june 2012) 16′

COMPOSITIONS FOR CHOIR acapella or with instruments

1972 I am Ericka (revision 1988) for mixed choi a capella (text Ericka Huggins) 6′
1989 Uit een Bundel for chamberchoir and piano (text J. Bernlef) 10′
1989 Amicitia Nostra for mixed choir, soloists, strings, windplayers, percussion and piano (4 hands) 20′
1989 Soweto for mixed choir, 2 stringquartets, base and percussion (text Daniël P. Kunene) 22′
1990 De Witte Kantate (The White Cantate) for mixed choir, solo soprano/bariton, and wind orchestra 30′
1995 Requiem van het Volk (Peoples Requiem) for male choir, 3 female voices, accordion and wind orchestra 30′
1997 Ithaka, Ithaka for mixed choir, 3 female voices and symphonic orchestra 30′
1997 Wie is Lilith for mixed choir a capella (text Lucebert) 6′
2000 Passio for mixed choir, chamber choir, narrator and instrumental ensemble 30′
2000 Salve Regina I for female choir and organ (published by Roger Dean Publishing company, div. of the Lorenz corporation, Ohio, USA) 3′
2000 Salve Regina II for female choir (published by Roger Dean Publishing company, div. of the Lorenz corporation, Ohio, USA) 3′
2000 Magnificat for female choir and organ (published by Roger Dean Publishing company, div. of the Lorenz corporation, Ohio, USA) 5′
2000 Stabat Mater for female choir (published by Roger Dean Publishing company, div. of the Lorenz corporation, Ohio, USA) 7′
2002 Cinq Chansons Populaires (Five Folksongs (French)) for female choir (published by Editions à Coeur Joie, Lyon, France) 7′
2002 De Mis (The Mass) for male choir and wind orchestra (published by Bronsheim) 25′
2002 Deirdre for female choir, 2 narrators, 2 harps, percussion and stringorchestra (text A. Roland Holst) 30′
2003 Song of the Skyloom for mixed choir, narrator and windorchestra (texts by Native Americans) 35′
2003 The End of Troy for female choir and bassoon (text Euripides) 8′
2004 Veranderend land (Changing country) for mixed choir, narrator and small instrumental ensemble 30′
2007 The Congregator has said for female choir a capella 6′
2008 Gezellig (Cosy) for mixed choir and solo-bariton 8′
2009 Pas de quatre for mixed choir (text Jean Pierre Simeon) 20
2010 Poems from Guantànamo for mixed choir, chamberchoir and english horn 25′
2010 Autour d’ une Femme (Around a woman) for chamberchoir, accordion, harp and narrator (available from july 2012)
2011 Missa Poetica for mixed choir and organ (text Lucebert) 35′


1976 Concert for accordion and orchestra 15′
1992 Hellas Concerto for violin and orchestra 12′
1995 Concertino for orchestra 16′
1995 Cri et Gloire du Monde for sopranosaxophone and orchestra 16′
1997 Ithaka, Ithaka for 3 female voices, mixed choir and orchestra 30′
2002 Deirdre for 2 narrators, female choir, 2 harps, percussion and orchestra (text A. Roland Holst) 30
2007 Agitato for orchestra 6′
2010 Le Moment (The Moment) for baseclarinet and orchestra 17′


1997 Reflexion Pastorale for mandolin-orchestra 6′
1998 Zwischen die Nachrichten (In Between the News) for soprano and mandolin orchestra (text Nicolas Born) (published by Grenzland-Verlag, Aachen, Germany) 9′
1999 Parade for mandolin orchestra 10′
1999 Sonata da Chiesa for bassoon and mandolin orchestra 10′
2000 4 Mouvements for accordeon and mandolin orchestra 15′
2000 Roemeense dansen (Roemanian dances) for mandolin orchestra, arr. Béla Bartók (published by Grenzland-Verlag, Aachen, Germany) 12′
2003 Le silence du moment (A moment of silence) for mandolin orchestra 6′
2006 Concertino for stringtrio and mandolin orchestra 11′
2006 Concertino for soprano-saxophone and mandolin orchestra 12′


1975 Esperanza for mixed choir, actors/singers and windorchestra, vanBeurden/Theo Loevendie (text Mies Bouhuys) 60′
1980 Bajesmaf (radiophonic oratorium) (text J. Bernlef) 30′
1992 Passio Diaboli for mezzo-soprano, chamberchoir en small instrumental ensemble 40′
1994 Repelsteeltje van de Lavenlots (based on a fairytale) opera for children for 3 actors, 3 voices en small instrumental ensemble (text Imme Dros) 75′
2000 Kleine, kleine zeemeermin (Little, little mermaid) musictheatre for children for 1 actor, 3 voices and small ensemble 30′
2003 Tereus chamberopera for 4 solovoices, vocal and instrumental ensemble (text Imme Dros) 45′
2004 Veranderend land (Changing country) for narrator, mixed choir and instrumental ensemble (text Pieter van de Waterbeemd en Sjoerd Kuijpers) 40′
2006 Waarom wij zingen (Why we sing) for mixed choir and small instrumental ensemble 25′
2008 Mini-concours for mezzo-soprano, bariton and windorchestra (parody on contests) (published by Bronsheim) 25′